Olive Leaf Extract and 11 surprising health benefits

Olive and olive leaf extract products are very common and thus used around the world in many cultures. Olive is actually a tree, and olive leaves also have medicinal properties too. So, Olive oil and extract are also used for heart diseases, high cholesterol, high blood pressure.

Olive tree
Olive tree

Olive oil is used as cooking and salad oil by a lot of people around the world. Classification of oil is done on the basis of net acidic content. And, acidic content is measured as free oleic acid.

According to WebMD, Extra virgin olive oil contains upto 1% free oleic acid. Virgin olive oil contains 2% oleic acid and ordinary olive oil has up-to 3.3% of oleic acid. Because, unrefined olive oils have more thanΒ  3.3% acid content this renders them unfit for domestic usage.

Olive oil contains fatty acids that help decrease the cholesterol levels of the body. They also have anti inflammatory effects. Olive leaves also help in lowering the blood pressure. Olive also kills microbes including fungi and bacteria.

Health benefits of olive leaf extract

Although, the research done on the topic is not sufficient, clinical trials bring forth some benefits. So, here is a list of few –

Olive leaf supplement
Olive leaf supplement

Olive extract for diabetes

Olive oil extract may help control diabetes according to a study published in Journal Of Medicinal Food. This study done on 79 adults with type 2 diabetes who were given supplements. The supplements contained either leaf extract or a placebo. As a result, lower levels of blood sugar were observed in patients who used olive extract.

Olive extract for Blood Pressure

Olive leaf extract gives a promise of treating hypertension. A 2017 study supports this claim. European Journal of Nutrition was the publisher. Researchers gave subjects olive leaf extract. 136 milligrams (mg) oleuropein; 6 mg hydroxytyrosol were given to subjects for six weeks. The blood pressure was monitored regularly. Consequently, A significant drop in blood pressure, total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and inflammatory markers were observed.

Olive extract on microorganisms

Olive leaves are seen to have antiviral properties. Many antiviral medicines use olive extract. It was proven in the laboratory that olive leaves help in treating diseases like herpes,  mononucleosis, and rotavirus, and it may also be useful against influenza and HIV.

Breast cancer

Studies show that women who consume more olive oil have a lower risk of developing breast cancer.

Heart disease

People who consume olive oil rather than regular oil, have less chance of developing a serious heart disease. Olive oils have low amount of saturated fats. Cooking in olive oil also helps with blood pressure and cholesterol problems. Low blood pressure and cholesterol lower the risk of heart diseases, stroke, heart attack.

FDA allows products containing certain levels of olive oil to be labelled as heart friendly. The companies claim consuming these products can help reduce the chances of stroke, heart attack and heart related problems. 

It is still unclear if intake of these products can prove of any help to the people who already have a heart disease.


Olive oil can soften the stools. Intake through mouth can help in patients with constipation.


Researchers suggest applying a mixture of honey, beeswax, and olive oil along with standard care can help cure eczema.

Weight management

Olive leaf extract can also help in weight loss. An animal study researched the effects of olive extract on obese, and high fat diet. It was found that extract helps in reducing weight and food intake.


It happens sometimes that there is a leak between chest walls and lungs. This requires an esophagus surgery to cure. Taking about a cup of olive oil eight hours before surgery, can help in this condition.

Airway infections

Researchers say that studies suggest that taking olive leaf extract might help to reduce sick days.

Helicobacter pylori or H. pylori

Taking 30 grams of olive oil before breakfast for 2-4 weeks helps to get rid of Helicobacter pylori infections.

Side effects

It is safe to consume olive orally. Fourteen percent of daily calorie can be provided by the extract safely. Thus, 2 tablespoons daily is a good amount. Olive oil might cause nausea in very small numbers of people. But there are a few side effects that include stomach aches, headaches, acne, bad skin etc.

You must consult a doctor before including or taking olive leaf extract in any form. The changes caused by extract are subtle and unnoticeable. The product does not claim to cure any diseases, but might help you in weight loss, make your health good, and boost your immunity.

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